We're upgrading CORE to myRH on 9/15/2015. Click here for more information.

ROCKHARBOR has upgraded its Church Management Software. As of 9/15/2015, you'll be able to visit my.rockharbor.org to manage your family, sign up for events, and interact with the groups and teams you're a part of.

If you had a CORE account your information has been automatically migrated to the new software. Once the migration is complete, you can click the Sign Up link on myRH to activate your account. If you run into any trouble, just email myrh@rockharbor.org to get help.

If you already have an event sign-up link for CORE, you can still register for current events using CORE. Any events with registration starting after 9/15 will be using myRH. Talk to the leader of your event or group if you're unsure where to sign up, or email myrh@rockharbor.org for more info.